Jewish Site

Why I chose to make a Jewish site?
The lecturer in the course (Yifat Blouse) told us (the students) to choose a subject on which to make an internet site.
I chose to make a site on the subject of Judaism.
I choose this subject because of the following reasons:
1. Before going to serve in the army, I learned in a hesder yeshiva. That is why the subject is close to my heart.
2. While I was there, I heard some lessons that intrigued me. Most of the interesting lessons were given by Rav Viner (a rav from the hesder yeshiva of Maalot Yakov). The rav spiced his lessons up with humor and current affairs. The rav is called "Harav Menashe Viner" but I call him "Harav Menashe winner". A photo of the rav appears on this page. Most of these lessons I recorded on cassette tapes. On my free time I heard the recordings while I typed the lessons on my computer at home. I have on my computer different lessons on different subjects. Chagim, tanach and current affairs like a woman's status or a lesson which was given before I went to the army. It's a shame not to use these lessons, they were written in my own language and, in my opinion, they are very interesting. In my opinion, they are very enjoyable and very educational. Pleasant reading and learning. The "Yahadut" site manager Alon Git (I will be very happy to get comments or responses regarding the lessons in this site, you can send me email by clicking on the icon here)